Not able to be trusted,
the personality disordered
abusers who “lack the capacity
for insight and positive change,”

instead evidencing their
actions by claiming
the other party
should have been
more remorseful.

Still I tilt my head
and pray forgiveness,

just this time,
I turn within;

I make my offering
to my inner child

the way she wished
the gesture from you.


In the beginning of beginnings
when the waves simultaneously formed

and sine and cosine carried out
their information to the Farspace,

I am certain we crossed
paths in the purest
moment of love
and simplicity

so in that light
I think of you tonight

as I whisper, “I’m sorry;
I’m sorry; I’m sorry.”


Do you think
I’ve forgotten to love you?

Or do you think
as I do, that I ought

Focus on the Greater Love
we’ve always needed

By at last
dragging a twig

From the Tree of Life
through the Long Beach sand

A boundary that proves, if nothing else,
I intend to love myself
for all of us
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