Blog defines a blog as

a website containing a writer’s experiences
observations, opinions, etc., often
with images and links to other websites.

and that’s what I do here, but
it feels more like a sandbox
than an opinion

if the word opinion
wasn’t so charged with electricity
then, yes

I am live-streaming creativity at play
more than establishing a newspaper

then again
the synapses are more organized here
than you think
because I am frustrated by newspapers

certainly more organized
than the rest of my blogosphere

then Merriam-Webster defines it,

a regular feature appearing
as part of an online publication
that typically relates to a particular topic
and consists of articles and personal commentary
by one or more authors
like a technology blog

and M-W also provides a computer definition
so we can break the concept into information technology,

a website that contains online personal reflections,
comments, and often hyperlinks, videos,
and photographs provided by the writer; also,
the contents of such a site

just as the contents
of a book are separate
from paper and spine,

just as your organs
are the contents of your body,
your liver and pancreas

just as your life
are a series of moments
cataloged in memory,
your successes
and mistakes

separate concepts
from you

so the information on this blog
can at any moment
become something else
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