A chronological record of significant events
often including an explanation of their causes

a branch of knowledge
that records and explains

events that form
the subject matter of history

So if history is the data
we’ve recorded

and the methods with
which we record, then story

must be this single-sided thing, a one-
dimensional reality, open

for interpretation, as the two-
dimensional video game

industry became the virtual
landscape, as the three-

dimensional world
is but a petri dish

within someone else’s looking glass,
as crystals vibrate alive.

Dig deep inside the atom
and you’ll find tiny particles
held together by invisible forces.

Suppose that little things behaved
very differently than anything big.

It’s so wonderfully different
than anything big.

In the quantum world, the world of particles,
nothing is certain;

the quantum theory
offers a very different explanation
of our world: the universe is made of

twelve particles of matter
four forces of nature;

electrons act waves—no, they don’t exactly;
they act like particles—no, they don’t exactly;

that’s a wonderful
and significant story.



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