The extraordinary goes beyond
what is normal, usual, or customary

though the word extraordinary itself is a simple thing
if we break it down to its particles:

Exout of; from; and thus utterly, thoroughly; sometimes even not;
Tra, a.k.a. trans—across; through; over;
Ordorder; fit;
Into cause to become;
Ary, a.k.a. ariumthing or place belonging to the stem;

therefore, the extraordinary exists when

utterly out of • and through • order •
a cause • (i.e., a catalyst occurs) • belonging to the stem

yet the word extraordinary itself becomes a customary search

another echo of language-parts
within the top 30% of the words adored on Merriam-Webster

a normal, everyday quest to understand the unusual

and in this irony
our curiosity often evaporates; is lost



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