A happy innocent who had been flummoxed by wily city slickers.

—Andy Logan

Dear Even Numbers:

The Universe is built
out of you, yet the Golden
Rule is three, as is

the Holy Trinity,
Zelda’s Triforce,
and the Dark Matter in the room;

so I think you may
be smoke-and-mirrors
fooling us from Truth.

Gravity, the disassembly line of Fate—
the Creator of Free Will
and the Probability of Failure—

Beneath that mask
we’ve witnessed the Particles
and we’ve assessed

the anomaly of even construction.
In evenness and order,
in sameness and symmetry,

everything’s so horribly alone;
but in the Multiverse sense, the Odd sense,
the quantum sky becomes infinite,

a flow flummoxed by kaleidoscopic light.

This was all done with math.
Lots and lots of math.

At one point, a physicist named Paul Dirac realized
x-squared equals four has two answers:

and negative two-squared.



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