The understandable anger
society suspends in the cup
of its burning political palms.

The nimiety of reality television
and pop culture presidents
creating unintentional,
harmful spaces.

The horror of knowledge
built brick-by-brick on progress,
by collective intelligence, now collapsing
as the library burnings before, the Internet serving
bots and ignorance the likes we hadn’t prepared
for, donned in our masquerades
of perfection, in this under-
standable anger we barely
hold, on a little blue dot
of likes and hearts
crisped by denial,
greed, by abandonment
of science once explored,
brilliant discoveries supported
by brilliant leaders who regrettably
went to war, since crushed by our celebrity
trumpeters along with our equality,
our advancement, what we
used to hold dear, replaced by
a world of mind-numbed, picket-
forking serfs fed on breadcrumb,
crumbling under fallacies too
great, tripping in potholes
from the quake of a land
once respected, once
free, soon nearing
event horizons
find the most
corrupt empires
tend towards.

Yesterday, Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day was nimiety; I like subscribing to their Word of the Day e-mails in case I miss it for a day or two.


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