Curious stranger, tread
carefully through
these definitions
that other you;


Archaically speaking,
where you are
made carefully,
precisely accurate,

you became
the godlike being
of consciousness,
the Curious Being;

your abstruse self
became clear, an inner
nature apparent
most in your animus,

that internal monologue
too difficult to keep
anywhere else
than tethered inside,

a voice telling us,
“let’s go exploring
for answers
beyond this;”


Interestingly enough,
modern definitions
suggest to be curious
is to be eager

to learn
and investigate
who won
the game,

or what’s amiss
in the environment,
just as the next scientist
who will explain the world;


Yet it’s the exciting attention
charged like electricity
through the undercurrents
of curiosity, curiousness,

the piqued self

which grips me the most—

this need
to take what is novel
and what is unexpected
then put the chaos aside

to recognize you
and I, stranger
and other,
as beautiful

from the most
intellectual tribe
the Earth provides us;

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