SLIM-zee 💙 Lehea Ikaika

Slimsy, Word of the Day, 4 Aug 18

flimsy, frail

Today we follow the slimsy
trail down from the Central
Valley to LAX, where a plane

descends with a cat in a frail
cart that started on a boat in
the distant island of Lanai

then continued onto Hawaiian
Airlines, across the Pacific, so
she could join the humans

who chose to adopt a flimsy
kitten from a sanctuary
on a coast faraway;

except to embark
on such travels—through
sea, air and land—is a proud

endeavor, reserved only for
the unslimsiest, unflimsiest
of Leo-starred mammals,

hardened by perseverance
and courage by exposure
to the planet’s elements,

so in this lioness spirit
I rename our daughter
from Rhea to Lehea Ikaika.


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