Cold, dark, and empty—this is how the cosmos will spend most of its life. — John D. Boswell

“After an unimaginable length
of time,” Brian Cox describes,
“even the black holes
will evaporate, and the universe
will be nothing.”

The loneliness that sits
at the bottom of the last
dark is as close
to an illustration of depression
as I have ever found.

The emptiness that rests
at the end of energy-filled space
is not unlike the particles of light,
the black holes that keep me
company for most of my adult life.

Then Brian Cox says, “The story
of the universe finally comes
to an end. Nothing happens,
and nothing keeps
on happening forever.”

Fortunately, this only
happens after black holes fade
away. End comes
when the last particle
of light is extinguished.

So for every laugh,
for mouthfuls of air, time
happens, and time keeps
on happening until
proton decay, another day.

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