I’ve got a Pocket Reaver in World of Warcraft, but I hardly know what that means, other than it’s a tiny machine with a metal fist, reminiscent of my mid-2000s digital life in The Burning Crusade, smiting the Burning Legion.

Turns out a reaver is someone or something hellbent on robbing, depriving, despoiling, and/or seizing—also known as an asshole.

I imagined reavers had to fit a version of terrible, given their role as hard-hitting machinations within Azeroth, but I didn’t expect them to feel so applicable. Aren’t narcissists robbing, depriving, despoiling, and/or seizing?—yet they’re more attractive (at least, initially) than a fist-pumping, engine-slick World of Warcraft Pocket Reaver.

fel reaver in world of warcraft
fel reaver photobombing screenshot with pocket reaver

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